VA & FHA Mortgages

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA), which is a federal agency within the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is responsible for insuring FHA mortgages in Colorado. The FHA never loans money to borrowers, but rather offers protection via mortgage insurance against losses if the homeowners default on their mortgage loans. The protection allows mortgage lenders to offer insured FHA home loans in Colorado.

FHA (Federal Housing Authority) Mortgages

FHA loan programs are open to all Colorado residents and are primarily designed to help low-to moderate income families that don’t meet the requirements for conventional loans that adhere to stricter underwriting guidelines. However, there are instances where borrowers that are eligible for conventional financing to still choose an FHA loan instead of a traditional mortgage.

FHA home loans programs in Colorado are especially beneficial to buyers that have less cash available. While the FHA loan rates are typically market rates, the down payment requirements tend to be lower than most traditional loans. The FHA mortgage program has been helping more people buy homes since 1934 and qualifying for FHA loans is usually easier in most cases.

VA (Veterans Affairs) Mortgages

VA Mortgage Loans as well as home lending with dedicated service would like to say Thank You for Your Service and Welcome Home. We are committed to both you and your future and deal with Veteran Affairs lending.

We work with you throughout the process of buying your home as the VA consultant and make sure that you maximize the government assistance with the VA home loan. We are committed to building long-lasting relationships and after you become our customer, we like making sure that you are properly taken care of, for the remainder of your life.

Mike and Sandy at Vision Home Loans have years of experience working with FHA and VA loans. They can cut through the complexities of FHA and VA home mortgages with the ultimate goal of getting you the home mortgage that’s right for you – and right on time!

Mention our name to the rest of your military friends in Colorado that require home lending and allow us to help you find top-rated VA financing programs currently available for your type of loan.

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